rachel knoll - freelance filmmaker
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works on a range of doc, art-driven, experiental, and commercial projects with an emphasis on finding empathetic and innovative ways to capture human-centric stories. combining an interest in emerging technologies and know-how of traditional disciplines, rachel has been recognized internationally for her perspective by Wired Magazine, Vimeo Staff Picks, The National Film Board of Canada, The Atlantic, Vice, Adweek, and Fast Company. her shorts have recieved Jerome and WIFT grants, Tribeca, and London Short Film Fest selections.

» let the blonde sing «

password: ltbs-screener

» danger daisy «

password: dd-screener


» listen and repeat «

in 'listen and repeat', a modified megaphone uses text to speech capabilities to recite tweets composed with the tag 'nobody listens' from the social media website Twitter. the megaphone has been installed on a mountain in Washington state and dictates tweets to an audience of trees.

» avoidance training«

avoidance training deals with a withdrawal of self that is as instinctive in virtual gameplay as it is in the experience of sharing the small space of an elevator. the objective of the game is to avoid eye contact with the characters on the screen for the duration of the ride. seemingly commercializing these self-imposed isolation strategies, this first-person game uses eye-tracking technology to control the player's camera, transforming avoidance from a fearful instinct into a skill.

additional work @ https://rachelknoll.com & references available upon request.