With everyone working from home during COVID-19, the past year has brought new thinking to traditional ways of production, including animation, illustration, remote production, and virtual production. For this project, I worked as a creative and director with the collaborators at Target to deliver a series of internal projects - pairing 17 remote interviews with stylized studio footage and illustrated animations.

Client: Target Creative
Director/Art Director: Rachel Knoll
Copywriter: Jan Pettit
Production Company: Plural Films
Executive Producer: Jennifer Helm
DP: Steve Holm
Production Designer: Ryan Tallant
AD: Justin Maas
Stylist: Christy Holt
AC: Eoin Mc, Sophie Mayhew
Gaffer: Mike Handley
Grip: Dan Miller
COVID Coordinator: Lydia Jarmulowicz
PA: Noah Chlebeck, Pablo Helm Hernandez
Editors: Carlos Lamas, Ditch Edit
Illustration: Nestor Pestana
Animation: Nestor Pestana and Nathan Motzko