» Let the Blonde Sing «

An intimate look into a remote community in Alaska through the eyes of the bartender of the only bar open all-year-round. Short documentary currently in the festival circuit, email to view screener.

Upcoming screenings: 2019 Boston Women's Film Festival // 2019 Twin Cities Film Festival // 2019 Flyway Film Festival // 2019 Sound Unseen // 2019 Georgia Documentary Film Festival // 2019 Big Apple Film Festival // 2019 Anchorage International Film Festival // 2020 London Short Film Festival

Director: Rachel Knoll

Editor: Nick Gumm // Splice

Creative Director: Daniel Disselkoen

DP: Emma Sheffer // Channel Films

Composer: Fletcher Aleckson

Sound Mix and Design: Chase Brandau and Nick Mihalevich // Cape Status

Color: Nick Hillyard // Splice

Title: Jesse Pelkey // Splice

Made possible with support from the Jerome Foundation