» Danger Daisy «

Ski Jumping was one of the original Olympic sports. However, it wasn't until the most recent winter Olympics (2014) that women athletes were permitted to compete. 'Danger Daisy' tells the story of a young female athlete who grew up training in downhill ski jumping, seeing the shift from women athletes beginning to compete, to now advocating for the ability to compete on the same size hills as her male counterparts. 

Director: Rachel Knoll

DP: Jonny Stuckmayer

AC: Elise Joyce & Hannah Sophia Germaine

Sound Recordist: Connor McLevish

PA + Stills Photography: Marcus Andrew Ruiz

Composer: Fletcher Aleckson

Thanks: Cinemechanics, Steve Speers, Mayo Clinic, USA Nordic, Minnesota Power Yoga, Danielle Jokinen, Ben Ubl