Let the Blonde Sing is a short portrait-style documentary on Beverly Sue Waltz, the singing bartender of the only bar open all year round and the offbeat characters who call Whittier home. I led a nimble production team, collaborating with crew local to Alaska and brought post back to Minneapolis where edit and finish was done out of the post-house Splice. 

While working at Olson I saved up a years of vacation and applied for a Jerome Foundation Emerging Filmmaker grant to direct a short documentary in the remote town of Whittier, Alaska. A vacation to escape the cold Minnesota winter to go to Whittier, where winds were up to 70MPH and temperatures down to -10 degrees fahrenheit. It was a tremendous experience to connect with the people of Whittier, and work with new talented collaborators and old friends. 

Currently pursuing festival screenings, email to view a full cut