Rachel Knoll


Rachel holds the record for the most copies owned of the critically acclaimed film, Gigli, learned how to drive motorcycles with a troop of pizza delivery drivers in London, and had Thanksgiving with strangers in the Alaskan wilderness and survived to tell the tale.

Rachel’s directing style is defined by its emphasis on realizing emotionally compelling and innovative ways to capture stories. Coming from an arts background, Rachel also brings a strong design sensibility that influences her directing style. She developed a multi-faceted understanding of production, working in-house in editor and art director roles at ad agencies and production companies including Vallee Duhamel, Olson, and FCB Zürich. An innate curiosity combined with her relaxed nature enables Rachel to respond well under pressure and achieve successful results.

Her shorts have played at film festivals around the world including Raindance Film Festival, Flickers Rhode Island, Nitehawk Shorts, London Short Film Festival, and projects featured by Vimeo Staff Picks, BOOOOOOOM, WIRED, Vice, Nobudge and the Webbys. She was  1 of 32 directors highlighted in in SHOOT Magazine’s 2020 New Directors Showcase and a 2020 Commercial Director’s Diversity Program honorable mentee.


NYC & Minneapolis


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