Rachel Knoll

Playing around patterns and dimensions in this series for cultural magazine Oak Street. Oak Street is an initiative of Frank & Oak, a young pillar of Montreal ready-to-wear. [...]

Video diaries filmed throughout the production films for the Malaysia Truly Asia campaign. [...]

Video for the Aniccha Arts project 'In Habit: Living Patterns'. The performance challenges audiences to question the collectively learned habits and behaviors that emerge in everyday life. If both individuals and institutions are habit creators, then what are our choices? [...]
Soon after the launch of commercial drones an error with geographical coordinates began sending packages programmed to be delivered to Valdez, a remote town in Alaska, to Rilao, an unknown island disconnected from the world in the early 1900's.[...]

An application done in Zürich with Samuel, Joachim, and Gerhard that creates generated music based on your steps when jogging. The generated music also changes in the current environment. [...]

A Very Short Film is a film by Vallée Duhamel that follows the journey of a girl in a yellow dress as she enters a strange world.

Equal and Opposite is an exhibition prompted by exploring Newton's third law of motion, works deal with the nature of actions and subsequent reactions. [...]

A film from a month research trip to six cities in Japan and China. [...]

A Conversation for One reflects on the displacement of listening, especially in a social setting. The fabricated object acts as a functional instrument, using spoken words as an input and creates an output of the user’s own magnified speech. [...]

Language is used to understand each other's intentions. Coffee to Go tells the story of understanding intentions without language [...]

Video of Labor Camp's nine-hour participatory multimedia event based on ideas described in Maurizio Lazzarato's 1996 essay "Immaterial Labor". [...]

A short documentary about the morning routine of a community of elderly Mall Walkers. [...]

A celebration of confusion, lapses in understanding, and misunderstanding by recognizing these moments as catalysts of discovery and a reconsideration of one’s surroundings. [...]

I took on the duty of a gondolier, with the appropriate uniform, and transported the sight-seers on a scenic journey around on the pond that surrounds the famous spoon and cherry. [...]

This project takes sound samples from The Royal College of Art by recording while traveling up from the ground floor to the eighth floor in a vertical line. [...]